A couple a things I’ve learned about movies

I wasn’t particularly sure how to entitle this. But I know what I’m going to attempt to get across. These are just a few things I’ve learned when discussing movies.

1. Despite that fact that only one type of cinematography is talked about, the pretty pictures variety, it is not the be all end all of cinematography. It is also not separated from the film itself, despite what has also monopolized the conversations about cinematography.

2. Melodramatic acting isn’t bad acting. It’s just another style of acting.

3. Animation exists outside of America, and for that matter, Pixar isn’t the end all and be all.

4. Miyazaki is not the greatest animated director of all time. I do enjoy a vast amount of his movies, but anime has so much more to offer than just his family friendly and populist films.

5. Despite the quality of audience pleasure Hitchcock films, they audience “back in the day” weren’t smarter. They watched just as much trash. We just live in an era where everything can be redistributed at a small cost across all of viewing mediums. Also, the audiences “back in the day” had just as superficial reading of films that most audiences have today.

6. There is some validity to the whole “turn your brain off” argument. I don’t want to go at length now, however I will say that there is now a tremendous effort to intellectualized things that don’t need to be evaluated on anything more than the surface level. Or sometimes you’re focusing on the wrong thing. And even sometimes you’re implying the wrong bits of knowledge when critiquing a particular film.

7. Everyone loves a crowd pleasure. Even the “elitists” that are often attacked love plenty of simple films. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

8. Now and the future is the best time to be a fan of movies. You have access to an unparalleled amount of content for viewing and reading pleasure. Also, with the entry rate of getting into movies getting progressively lower (ie price of cameras) we’re now getting movies from countries who have previously never had a voice or even representation in film ever before. I won’t say we’re getting new stories, but the vast amount of different perspectives that we are now getting from Southeast Asian countries, Latin American, and parts of Africa is exciting. It’s important to look back on the past, but don’t forsake all the wonderful things that are happening now.

9. Great movies exist outside of the canon of Criterion fame. Far too many people my age, and far too often older, have fallen into the train of thought that Criterion is the be all and end all of great film. I’m not going to make a laundry list of complaints, however outside the fact that there are great alternatives/competitors (Kino International), the main reason to look outside the canon is because people are trapped within trying to mimick what was already built up,

10. You’re allowed to have your own opinions about movies. Strange thing to say, but some believe they must read book upon book to get to the general consensus about what other people have to say about movies before offering their take. I’m not going to say it’s always going to be interesting, I don’t like some of the blog entries I have/haven’t written thus far, but there is no need to break into any ivory towers just so you can give fellatio  to the members inside as they rub your head and tell you what a great job you’re doing.

I’ll try to make this a series if more comes to mind. But I have other posts to write today considering I haven’t written anything in a couple days. I apologize for the length and any errors that I may have mind.


About panamaenrique

Afro-Latino film lover in NYC. I love blues, jazz, soul, funk, and everything else under the sun. Any questions, comments, or concerns about anything I say, feel free to hit me up. My contact info is there and I'll be sure to give you a lengthy response about what I said and why I said it.
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