What’s happening in 2010?

I just realized how few movies from 2010 I’ve seen. Granted I’m currently pre-occupied with a foreign film splurge at Rotten Tomatoes, but I haven’t really seen anything worth remembering from this year outside of Exit Through the Gift Shop and The Milk of Sorrow. The later was a 2009 release however that just got a release in the states this year. I am extremely excited I got to see Banksy’s movie however and Scott Pilgrim was surprisingly good even though I wasn’t the targeted demographic.

The only movie that I know I missed out on that I wanted to see was Repo Men, but the reviews were off putting so hopefully it’ll be on Cinemax or something soon. And I was waiting for Toy Story 3 to hit DVD and I’m sure I’ll love that.  The rest of the year seems to be shaking out better with George Clooney in The American, Machete, Devil, and Jackass 3D. It might turn out to be a pretty decent year for me at the multiplex. That’s not counting into the several movies that can surprise me before the year is over. So there’s hope yet.

http://www.rottentomatoes.com/vine/showthread.php?t=2257686 Feel free to check out that thread where I talk about several of the foreign films I’ve been watching this year. My time is tad split between here and there as I don’t want to copy over things I’ve written there to my blog and I still have like 6 drafts here that I need to finish writing. Hopefully an interesting idea will strike me so I can post something else within the next few days.


About panamaenrique

Afro-Latino film lover in NYC. I love blues, jazz, soul, funk, and everything else under the sun. Any questions, comments, or concerns about anything I say, feel free to hit me up. My contact info is there and I'll be sure to give you a lengthy response about what I said and why I said it.
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