A work in progress

Sorry, I have a terrible attention span. I haven’t written anything here in forever, but I am working on two projects over at Mubi. One is a list similar to what I  wrote here when I first started this blog, but is far larger and more focused. It’s an overview/analysis of black film after Spike Lee became that dude in the movie business. So it roughly starts at the mid 90s, but there are exceptions to that rule of course because there are a couple films and directors that arrived at the same time and even predate him that I believe are worth mentioning.

The second one I have in the works is a cyberpunk list. Not much else to say there. I will hopefully have another entry this Friday/Saturday after I go see I Will Follow. So yeah, I’m basically back to actually writing here. PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE. I’ll even write something again today!


About panamaenrique

Afro-Latino film lover in NYC. I love blues, jazz, soul, funk, and everything else under the sun. Any questions, comments, or concerns about anything I say, feel free to hit me up. My contact info is there and I'll be sure to give you a lengthy response about what I said and why I said it.
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