Evolution of NY: Architecture

I’ll eventually add pictures to this section, as of right now it will just be a little list that I’m starting with for Evolution of NYC project and I’ve found a decent amount of films and great person to internet stalk for films to view from an architectural side of the ever growing city.

  1. King Kong
  2. Rear Window
  3. Manhattan
  4. Dark Days
  5. The Statue of Liberty
  6. On the Town
  7. Liquid Sky
  8. New York
  9. Going Up
  10. Skyscraper
  11. The Twin Towers, a History
  12. The Towering Inferno
  13. Brooklyn Bridge
  14. The City
  15. Red Light Go
  16. Holland Tunnell
  17. The Foreigner
  18. Gangs of New York
  19. In the Street
  20. B/Side
  21. Home is Where the Heart is
  22. The Gates
  23. Man on Wire
  24. The Naked City
  25. Synecdoche, New York
  26. Contested Streets
  27. Empire
  28. Annie Hall
  29. Daybreak Express
  30. New York, City of the World



About panamaenrique

Afro-Latino film lover in NYC. I love blues, jazz, soul, funk, and everything else under the sun. Any questions, comments, or concerns about anything I say, feel free to hit me up. My contact info is there and I'll be sure to give you a lengthy response about what I said and why I said it.
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