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Anime Beyond Miyazaki III

Woo, another Anime Beyond Miyazaki post. This one is slightly different though in that it has theme. The theme is going to be anime for people who don’t normally like anime. That means no super kawaii or dozens of girls … Continue reading

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So what do I like?

This seems like a very basic thing to address that I actually haven’t gotten around to and has just not occurred to me. First I should address the title, which is Vagabond Cinema, I had originally intended to only write about movies … Continue reading

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Anime Beyond Miyazaki II

First and foremost, I have to apologize for not writing anything in the two weeks. I have no idea why considering I’ve seen several new and old movie since then. Also, the reason I sometimes (read as: often) don’t write … Continue reading

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More Anime

As I frantically look through the stats of my blog, ‘Anime Beyond Miyazaki’ is usually the most read. Probably because it has pictures. Anyway, I will be revisiting that one soon. More movies this time, some that may be a … Continue reading

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Jesus, I haven’t written anything in forever. This blog hasn’t been abandoned though. I have a lengthy post of The Cinema Book coming up soon. Hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be up. Until then here’s a sort of filler blog because … Continue reading

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Anime Beyond Miyazaki Part 1

It still surprises me that most cinephiles stop their exploration of anime with Hayao Miyazaki. Granted, Miyazaki isn’t a slouch when it comes to animation, but considering the wide world of anime I would think that many animation enthusiasts (which … Continue reading

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